Framptons, part of the Jepson family of companies.
GB Pressed Ovals
Irish Pressed Number Plates
showroom plates
GB ovals
Laser cut aluminium ovals showing a range of European countries and manufacturers of vehicles.  Available in: GB, F, D, MG, VW, CH.

- Car Size: 6 3/4" x 4 3/4" oval

- Motorcycle Size: 5" x 3" oval

Raised riveted digit Irish plates (3 1/8”)
3D style injection moulded plastic digits are riveted by hand to aluminium plates.  The aluminium is coated with white or red reflective and comes with a bevelled edge.
Available in any style of plate. Showplates and signs are available with any text, providing it does not resemble a registration number.  Ideal as signage or for classic motor shows.  No documentation required.