Framptons, part of the Jepson family of companies.
Up until the mid 1930's most vehicles had either hand painted or cast aluminium plates with 3 1/2 inch high digits.

Pressed aluminium plates were introduced followed by raised riveted white and silver digit plates.

As the government began to run out of registration numbers it was decided to change the system and introduce a seventh digit, the year letter. For this reason the digit size was reduced to 3 1/8 inch in order to fit the seven digits on a plate.

Since April 2015 vehicles manufactured before 1st January 1975 can display older style number plates. the 40 year exemption date rolls forward automatically each year on April 1st.

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Pressed Aluminium
ACE Digits
Raised Riveted Silver

Acrylic Plates

Ribbed Acrylic Plates
ribbed acrylic plate
Self Adhesive
Raised Riveted White
raised riveted white
Raised Riveted Blackraised riveted black reflective aluminium plate