Framptons, part of the Jepson family of companies.

Up until the mid 1930's many motorcycles had hand painted rear plates with 2 1/2 inch high digits.  A number of bikes, particularly those manufactured in the UK, also had hand painted front curved plates.  From the mid-1930s, black and silver pressed aluminium plates were introduced, which were used until 1973.

As the government began to run out of registration numbers it was decided to change the system and introduce a seventh digit, the year letter. Motorcycles manufactured from 1963 - 1973 often had larger plates to fit the seventh digit on the plate.  Other plates used a smaller registration 1 3/4 inch high digit.

For any vehicles manufactured after 1st January 1973 it became legal to have reflective plates, with black digits with a yellow background on the rear. The plates were originally made of aluminium but were gradually superceded by acrylic plates.

1 3/4" Digits

2 1/2" Digits

Curved Front Plates

Acrylic Plates